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Y?, the first and only site of its kind, gives you a way to ask people from other ethnic or cultural backgrounds the questions you've always been too embarrassed or uncomfortable to ask them. If you have the courage to ask, Y? will evaluate your question, consider it for posting and try to get someone from that background to answer. If needed, we'll get an expert to weigh in.



VISIONS is a nonprofit (501) (c)(3) organization that has offered multicultural services since 1984. VISIONS is an acronym for Vigorous InterventionS In Ongoing Natural Settings, Inc.

VISIONS, Inc. was founded and remains committed to the belief that a multicultural environment can be created by understanding and eliminating racism, sexism, ageism, classism, heterosexism, anti-semitism, adultism, ableism, violence and other forms of oppression and internalized oppression.



Great editorial by Paul Butler. Special Contributor to The Dallas Morning News. Here's the first paragraph:
"The most important thing to know about race in the 2000s is that, shortly after the middle of the century, people of color will be the majority of Americans. Whites will be the minority. Relax. We ain't gonna do you like you did us. At least, I don't think we will. These last 100 years have taught us something about playing nicely together. Haven't they? Do they provide a reason to be hopeful about the next 100?"



Newsweek Cover Story. September 2000. The New Face of Race "Every day in America, we are redrawing the color lines and redefining what race really means. It’s not just a matter of black and white anymore; the nuances of brown and yellow and red mean more and lessthan ever. The promise and perils ahead"


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