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The R Word: Succeeding In Spite of Racism

Racism exists and it affects all of us in subtle ways. Are you able to communicate effectively with customers, coworkers and vendors from different ethnic or cultural groups? In this session we help you take action to minimize the impact of racism on your career development or on the growth of your business. Handouts will include checklists to help you recognize when racism is limiting your potential. You'll also receive a list of options to help you make choices and take action that will help you succeed in spite of racism. The patterns described can also be applied to sexism and other patterns of discrimination.


Every Day Heroes™

Are you an Every Day Hero? Every day heroes are the people who do what's right, not necessarily what's easy. They are self-directed and hold themselves accountable for fulfilling their promises and meeting their commitments. In this session you will learn to recognize the every day heroes around you and the benefits of being an every day hero yourself! It takes much more than a positive attitude to be a hero. Come be inspired and energized while learning specific behaviors and commitments that will help you succeed.


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