teambuilding seminars


Team UP!

This is a 16-hour seminar that helps participants develop the structure and the communication skills needed to work effectively as a team. It can be delivered in four 4-hour modules, or in two 8-hour sessions.


Building and Rebuilding Trust

Trust is the glue that holds teams together, builds strong business relationships and strengthens our families. Building trust in multicultural settings presents special challenges. This session will review the Reina Trust & Betrayal Model™ and different types of trust. Learn seven steps for healing from betrayal when trust has been broken and some specific tips for rebuilding trust in the workplace.


Beyond Age Barriers: Multiple Generations Working Together

Understanding GenerationX is not enough. How is the 35 year old supervisor handling the 55 year old who reports to her? How do you plan company events and honor the styles and norms of each group? How can you smooth the way for people from each generation to work together effectively? This session will inform you of trends for each group, then help you apply the data to the challenges you face in your organization.


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