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InclusionWorks: Awareness is Step One

This seminar is a one-day program which provides the general business case for diversity and challenges participants to link diversity to their own industry and business goals.


InclusionWorks: Action is Step Two

This seminar is a half-day program which requires participants to translate their understanding of diversity into a behavioral action plan. The focus is on individual behavior and opportunities to demonstrate commitment to diversity. This session is appropriate for employees at all levels of the organization.


InclusionWorks: Practical Tips for Cross-Cultural Communication

This 6-hour seminar is an introduction to skill-building that results in effective cross-cultural communication. It is designed for participants who have previously attended diversity awareness training. It provides specific tips and techniques for a variety of cultural groups. The accompanying workbook can be used as an on-going reference book.


InclusionWorks: Using Diversity to Achieve Productivity, Profitability and Market Penetration

This seminar series is for managers and human resources professionals only. It is best delivered in a 3-day off-site, residential program but it can also be delivered in 3 consecutive days non-residential or in 3 sequential days separated by no more than 3 weeks. The program is designed to include case studies, group work and a team project.


Deeper Dialogue: Race

Travel to Africa with a multi-racial group. Have fun touring Senegal, but also engage in facilitated dialogue on the impact of the slave trade on racial identity and inter-racial communication in the U.S. today. This is a 7-day tour offered periodically.


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