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Retainer Contracts

This is a unique approach that combines coaching, consulting, facilitation, education and innovation in a customized mix designed just for your organization.

Retainer clients receive:

  • 48 regularly scheduled consulting appointments by phone (generally 4 per month) that can be used by the primary client or can be used to coach senior leaders, diversity council leaders or HR staff
  • review of existing diversity-related program documents and recommendations for improvements
  • semi-annual updates on trends related to diversity and development of recommendations related to your diversity strategy
  • email communication templates perfect for educating or motivating internal stakeholders
  • four days of on-site consulting and meeting with key stakeholders scheduled in advance on mutually agreeable dates (generally scheduled once per quarter but can be planned differently)
  • free access to a selected number of teleseminars, self-study courses and other Diversity Trends LLC products plus
  • a 25% discount off regular rates for seminars, keynote speeches, meeting facilitation and project consulting services.

Monthly retainers start at $4,000 per month for 1 year ($48,000), but for a limited time new retainer clients will be offered an additional 25% discount ($3000/month or $36,000).

Customized retainer packages can be developed for clients who want monthly on-site meetings, facilitation for their diversity council members or other services.

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A Letter from Tracy Brown, President of Diversity Trends LLC

Tracy Brown

“To exist is to change; to change is to mature;
to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”
-Henri Bergson

As I celebrate my 15th anniversary as a consultant I am excited. And bored.

I am excited because I get to work doing things I love making a positive difference in the workplace. I am excited because my business has survived 15 years when most businesses fail in less than three years. And I am excited because after 15 years, 5 books and hundred of clients I know it is time to make a change.

I am bored with doing the same things the same way. I’m bored with spending 40 hours preparing for a customized 3-hour presentation but never knowing how the information has been applied. I am bored with running in and out of dozens of companies instead of building longer-term relationships that matter.

So I have decided to take a big leap. I am changing my business model so I can focus more time on fewer clients with whom I share a mutual commitment to work together to Drive Diversity Deeper™ into the culture of their organization.

The Big Leap

One thing that I have been mulling over is how I can work with clients in a more intense and long-term way. I like to bridge the gap between what organizations want and what they currently have. I love developing respectful relationships, seeing professional growth fast, and then having those results bring about major shifts in both organization culture and business results.

And when I talk with diversity practitioners, business executives and human resource professionals I hear them saying what they really need to take diversity to the next level is a sounding board, a catalyst and someone who can help them shape the future direction of their diversity initiative.

Not only can I do those things, but I would also enjoy doing them! My past experience as an internal executive leader, combined with my consulting experience makes me a natural colleague for internal staff charged with leading their organizations from diversity toward inclusion. I know how to work miracles with limited budgets and ways to transform skeptics into champions.

So I will be choosing 4-6 clients to work with on an annual retainer basis. I will begin interviewing people right away so, if you are interested keep reading.

While you don't need to have a year of goals mapped out, it's optimal to have some sense of what you'd like to accomplish with your diversity and inclusion initiative. (Consider what seems practical, but also think about what seems totally impossible; then we can go from there!)

Selection Criteria

My criteria for retainer clients are simple. I must be able to:

  1. Believe in you, your organization and your commitment to respecting diversity and achieving inclusion. (I need to care about what you're doing because I will be spending many hours working toward your success.)
  2. Talk straight. (Don't hire me if you aren't willing to hear the truth about what is helping and what is harming your organization's commitment to diversity.)
  3. Learn from you or your organization. (My favorite clients have been either (a) individuals who are as expert in their field as I am in diversity, or (b) organizations that are industry leaders and setting the pace that others follow.)
Your organization must be:
  1. Focused on integrating its commitment to diversity into various aspects of the organization beyond recruitment strategy.
  2. Willing to provide direct access to the people in your organization who can make—or break—your diversity initiative.
You must be:
  1. The person your organization relies on for strategic direction related to diversity and inclusion (or a key player involved in crafting the diversity strategy, i.e. Chair of the Diversity Council)
  2. Comfortable using both high tech and low tech methods for meeting, learning and collaborating.
  3. Willing to try new ideas and approaches to build on past successes or to get different results than you have in the past.

Next Steps

If you're interested please request a telephone appointment by completing the form on my website.

Shorter Term Contracts

Making a 12-month or longer commitment isn’t the right thing for every client. So, for those of you who think you would like to work with me for shorter amounts of time please let me know. I will work with you when I'm available and have open times in my schedule.

I also have a group of talented affiliates on the Diversity Trends team whose work ethic and integrity are on a par with mine. So, if I am not available personally we may still be able to serve your needs.

Let’s Chart a New Path Together

Maybe it is time for your organization to think about diversity consulting in a new way. Think of all the ways an expert like me can help a committed organization like yours fulfill your goals with practical, creative and cost-effective strategies customized to your culture.


P.S. What would it cost you to hire a full time person with the kind of experience I have gained during the past 20 years? If you could find someone like me his or her salary expectations would be pretty high. But with this retainer contract you gain access to my experience for the cost of a junior level HR generalist. I’m looking for a few special people who want to be the catalyst who drives diversity deeper into the culture of their organizations. I’m looking for just a few organizations where I can make a big difference . . . and where I can be totally committed to helping them achieve their diversity-related goals during the coming year. If you are that person, and your organization is ready to go to the next level, let’s talk!

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